UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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The rise of Scottish nationalism check Full Text
Liang, Zi Lang Song Weiqing 2016. Master
An empirical analysis of the relationship between inventory and financial performance in Chinese manufacturing companies check Full Text
Li, Ao Bo Fu, Qi 2016. Master
Equity valuation with respect to information dynamics with implied volatility check Full Text
Liu, Zhi 2016. Master
Disclosure of corporate social responsibility in the Chinese E-commerce industry check Full Text
Xu, Rong Noronha, Carlos 2016. Master
The information content of earning per share and social contribution value per share in China check Full Text
Wang, Yi Chu, Teresa 2016. Master
The role of gratitude in enhancing interpersonal relations and workplace performance in Macau's retail industry check Full Text
He, Cen Cen Udani, Zenon Arthur Siloran 2016. Master
分析澳門外勞政策 : 外勞配額的配置機制 check Full Text
陳嘉瑩 李桃 2016. Master
MFAH(APE) 000 (SAMPLE) The effects of news frames : police press releases in the Umbrella Movement
Hoi, Ut Cheng Corbett John 2016. Master
Labor reallocation, migration and productivity growth in China check Full Text
Zhuo, Shuai He Mirrlees James A. 2016. Doctoral
急性高強度間歇運動對青年男子運動員心電 QTc 及血壓影響 check Full Text
馮業騰 孔兆偉 2016. Master

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