UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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Zhang, Nan 王一濤 2013. Master
高速逆流色譜法製備分離香附中香附烯酮和ΑLPHA-香附酮 / Preparative separation of cyperotundone and α-cyperone from Cyperus rotundus by high speed counter-current chromatography / Wong Wai Ieng. check Full Text
黃慧盈 張慶文 2013. Master
新疆維吾爾醫藥產業的現代化轉型 : 基於部門創新系統視角
馬志橋 王一濤 2013. Master
不同粒徑熊果酸納米混懸液的製備、表徵和體外抗腫瘤活性評價 / Formulation development of Ursolic acid nanosuspensions with different particle sizes and in-vitro anti-cancer activity evaluations / Song Ju. check Full Text
宋菊 Zheng, Ying 2013. Master
Collaborative working relationship of physician and pharmacist : reality and expectation check Full Text
Io, Ut Mui 胡豪 2013. Master
尹雙雙 宋明娟 2013. Master
澳門幼稚園教師對幼兒學習表現評量方式之現況調查研究 check Full Text
潘詠妍 薛寶嫦 2013. Master
中國美術史資源系統化分析 : 以明清美術史教學網站為例 check Full Text
吳敏碩 張澤珣 2013. Master
論離婚非財產損害賠償 : 以其法律性質以及在澳門法律實踐中的狀況為中心 = Discussion of compensation for non-pecuniary damage in divorce : based on its legal nature and implementation status in Macao
張穎彤 唐曉晴 2013. Master
黃芪注射液總固形物主要化學成分分析 / Chemical analysis of total solids in Radix Astragali (Huangqi) injection / Liu Xiaomei. check Full Text
劉曉妹 李紹平 2013. Master

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