UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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徐培均治詞業績研究 check Full Text
王丹丹 施議對 2013. Master
Fourier pricing method by adaptive fourier decomposition check Full Text
Jia, Wen Yan Qian, Tao 2013. Master
尹雙雙 宋明娟 2013. Master
As relações económicas e comerciais entre a China e os países Africanos de língua oficial Portuguesa : alguns aspectos juridicos e economicos = Economic and trade relations between China and African Portuguese-speaking countries : some legal and economic aspects check Full Text
Machava, Almeida Zacarias Porto Manuel Carlos Lopes 2013. Doctoral
漢語諧音換字現象的語用考察 = A new pragmatic usage : changing homophonic morphemes check Full Text
吳越魯 鄧景濱 2013. Master
詞原考論 check Full Text
何曉敏 施議對 2013. Doctoral
A hybrid model of SARIMA and ANFIS for Macau Air Pollution Index forecasting check Full Text
Lei, Kin Seng Wan, Feng 2013. Master
劉少楓 李思敏 2013. Master
生命教育與小學體育教學融合研究 : 高小學生人際關係發展 check Full Text
李子峰 何敬恩 2013. Master
漢日被動句比較 : 以 "挪威的森林" 為例 = A comparative study of passive sentences between Chinese and Japanese : take Norwegian Wood as an example check Full Text
陳秀芝 王銘宇 2013. Master

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