UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

Title Author Supervisor Issue Date arrow_drop_up Degree
Trade and investment under imperfect competition check Full Text
Lu, Yan Song 1999 Master
Nonlinear vibrations of axially-loaded anti-symmetric cross-ply cylindrical shells check Full Text
Gao, Yong Iu, Vai Pan 1999 Master
Geotechnical site characterization based on SPT check Full Text
Ng, Iok Tong Subrahmanyam M.S. 1999 Master
Do crime de branqueamento de capitais : introducao e tipicidade check Full Text
Godinho, Jorge A. F. Andrade, Manuel da Costa 1999 Master
Transient and small signal analysis of PWM converters using average switch model check Full Text
Chan, Weng Wa To, ChingNai 1999 Master
Control of double link inverted pendulum with nonlinear friction check Full Text
Fang, Lei Chen, Wei Ji 1999 Master
Analise contrastiva portugues-chines com base nos adverbiais de lugar, tempo e modo check Full Text
俞翔 Vilela, Mario 1999 Master
Fast transform based operators for Toeplitz systems and their applications in image restoration check Full Text
Kou, Kit Ian Jin, Xiao Qing 1999 Master
澳門私立中文中小學學生個人背景與其學業表現的分析研究 check Full Text
張子明 陳忠文 1999 Master
澳門非高等教育教師延續培訓政策取向研究 check Full Text
楊鳳玲 張國祥 1999 Master

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