UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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楊櫟潔 邱庭彪 2023. Doctoral
粵澳區際刑事司法協助制度的構建 check Full Text
孫楹 邱庭彪 2023. Doctoral
百度指數與內地赴澳門旅遊人數的關係及預測 : 基於VAR模型的實證研究 = The relationship between Baidu index and tourists from Mainland China to Macao and its prediction : An empirical research based on the VAR model
宋小裕 邢榮發 2023. Master
學思達教學法融入澳門中學文遺教育的實踐硏究 = Practical research on integrating the learning star teaching method into Macao secondary school cultural heritage education
冼瑞琴 邢榮發 2023. Master
粵澳合作養老服務的策略研究 = Strategic study on Guangdong-Macao elderly services
邵瀅 邢榮發 2023. Master
Identification of a Tau degradation enhancer 9-Methoxycanthin-6-one (9-MC) through high-throughput screening and mechanism exploration
Yan, Ye Piao 路嘉宏 2023. Master
Toosendanin-induced mitophagy flux inhibition mediates cGAS-STING pathway activation to enhance anti-pancreatic cancer immune response
Li, Zhe Wei 路嘉宏 2023. Master
Applying high content screening in the identification of mitophagy modulators and mechanism study
Wang, Yi Ting 路嘉宏 2023. Master
Eating brain garbage : the phagocytosis effect exploration of astrocytes and microglia in neurodegenerative diseases
Wang, Er Jin 路嘉宏 2023. Doctoral
Preparation, characterization, and effects on macrophages function of fructooligosaccharides from Asparagus cochinchinensis (Lour.) Merr.
Zhou, Yi Ji 趙靜 2023. Master

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