UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

Title Author Supervisor arrow_drop_down Issue Date Degree
Pricing weather derivatives under mean reverting jump process check Full Text
Cao, Zhi Jie Ding, Deng 2015. Master
Saddlepoint approximation and its applications in finance check Full Text
Liu, Qiang Ding, Deng 2015. Master
Monte Carlo simulation with variance reduction on option pricing check Full Text
Xu, Qiao Mu Ding, Deng 2015. Master
Happiness in Mainland China : development and validation of a Chinese happiness scale check Full Text
Wang, Yuan Yuan, D'Amato, Rik Carl 2015. Doctoral
Service quality of construction consultants in Macau : a gap analysis of expectations and perceptions check Full Text
Ho, Chung Hing Cuervo, Javier Calero 2015. Master
A construcao imagetica do oriente : uma leitura de obras de Fernanda Dias check Full Text
Yao, Cong Costa, Maria Fernandes Gil P. 2015. Master
A comparative study of cross-generational language attitudes in Guangzhou check Full Text
Wei, Yu Corbett John 2015. Master
A functional analysis of the 2012 American presidential debates check Full Text
Ma, Teng Corbett John 2015. Master
Stance markers in spoken discourse : a corpus-based study check Full Text
Cheng, A Yun Corbett John 2015. Master
How people tell stories in commencement speeches : the generic structure potential (GSP) of personal narratives check Full Text
Zeng, Fang Lei Corbett John 2015. Master

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