UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

Title Author arrow_drop_up Supervisor Issue Date Degree
Nonlinear time series analysis of Chinese stock markets : Shanghai stock exchanges & Shenzhen stock exchanges /
Chu, Kuok Kun 2000. Master
Electronic commerce for the small-to-medium enterprises in Macao : an exploratory study /
Chu, Son I 2000. Master
Economic value added : Hong Kong study /
Chu, Teresa Lynn, Murray 2000. Master
A study of the market penetration mechanism used by international pharmaceutical companies to develop the Guangzhou market for western medicine /
Du, Shou Wu 2000. Master
Aspectos lexicais na obra de autores Macaenses /
Gaiao, Raul Leal 2000. Master
Comparativas em portugues e em chines /
Hui, Jiang Casteleiro João Malaca 2000. Master
Project management control : a case study of the Macau Water Supply Company Limited (S.A.A.M.) /
Kong, Chim Chan Nasol, Ramon Lino 2000. Master
Chemical aspects of coagulation in water treatment /
Kong, Kong Hang 王志石 2000. Master
E-Commerce in Hong Kong - (July 1999 - September 2000) : a search for viable business models /
Kou, Im Kit Shaw, David S. 2000. Master
中國近代海關與19世紀80年代中葡修約談判 = A study on the Chinese customs and the 1880s Sino-Portuguese treaty negotiations /
Kou, Wei 2000. Master

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