UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

Title Author arrow_drop_up Supervisor Issue Date Degree
An online domain-based Portuguese-Chinese machine translation system / check Full Text
Wu, Fei 1999. Master
Artificial neural network short-term electrical load forecasting techniques / check Full Text
Xu, Le Yan Chen, Wei Ji 1999. Master
Pronomes relativos e oracoes relativas na perspectiva do ensino de portugues a aprendentes chineses / check Full Text
Xu, Yi Xing 1999. Master
The strategy for foreign venture capital firms in China / check Full Text
Yuan, Hua Gang Antonio, Nelson Jose dos Santos 1999. Master
The changing role of Shenzhen in the framework of China's "reform and open door" policy : analysis from an aspect of FDI / check Full Text
Zhang, Ying Murteira, Mario 1999. Master
Analise contrastiva portugues-chines com base nos adverbiais de lugar, tempo e modo / check Full Text
俞翔 Vilela, Mario 1999. Master
護理教育工作者在課程改革過程中心境的轉變和輔導需要研究 / check Full Text
尹一橋 蘇肖好 1999. Master
澳門私立中文中小學學生個人背景與其學業表現的分析研究 / check Full Text
張子明 陳忠文 1999. Master
澳門非高等教育教師延續培訓政策取向研究 / check Full Text
楊鳳玲 張國祥 1999. Master
建立以老子哲學思想為基礎之輔導模式初探 / check Full Text
老柏生 蘇肖好 1999. Master

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