UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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論澳門 "世遺" 的文學景觀 = The literary landscape of Macao world heritage / check Full Text
歐陽麗彤 鄧駿捷 2021. Master
論澳門刑法典中的環境犯罪 = Analysis Macau criminal code the environmental pollution crime / check Full Text
梁銳彤 趙國強 2021. Master
論沈從文之謎 : 注定的斷裂與自知的延續 = A mystery of Shen Congwen : the predestinate rupture and the continuation of self-knowledge / check Full Text
楊宇沁 朱壽桐 2021. Master
論夫妻雙方負責之債務 : 以 1999 年的澳門 "民法典" 為背景 = An essay about the marital debts to be borne by the spouses against the background of Macau Civil Code of 1999 / check Full Text
劉嘉悅 梁靜姮 2021. Master
論個人生物識別信息保護的研究 = A study on protection of biometric information / check Full Text
徐葉弘 稅兵 2021. Master
論企業數據權利的私法保護模式 = Research on the private law protection mode of enterprise data rights / check Full Text
張飄玉 何慶文 2021. Master
論商法中的 "企業" / check Full Text
馬哲 唐曉晴 2021. Doctoral
論占有保護 : 兼評 "中國民法典" 第 462 條 = On the protection of possession : comments on Art. 462 of the Civil Code of China / check Full Text
勾健穎 唐曉晴 2021. Master
論中國法域下 ICO 的定性及其制度化構建 = The study on the nature of ICO and its systematization under Chinese law / check Full Text
盧聖暉 魏丹 2021. Master
論中國證券市場集體訴訟制度 : 比較法視覺下的思考 = The class action framework in force in China's securities market : insights from a comparative law standpoint / check Full Text
宋嘉豪 梁靜姮 2021. Master

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