UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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The relationship among triple deficit, macroeconomic policy and economic growth in sub Sahara African countries
Workneh, Ayana Zewdie Kwan Fung 2023. Doctoral
The relations among different appearance comparisons and acceptance of cosmetic surgery : the role of body surveillance and body shame check Full Text
Chan, Hui Xuan Ching, Ho Hong 2023. Master
The relations among appearance-related commentary, restrained eating and compulsive exercise : the role of body dissatisfaction and functionality appreciation
Zhang, Zhao Yi Ching, Ho Hong 2023. Master
The relations among academic contingent self-worth, self-compassion, and coping with academic stress check Full Text
Tan, Ying Ching, Ho Hong 2023. Master
The public relations industry in China : experience and perceptions
Yu, Fei Fitzgerald Richard 2023. Doctoral
The prophylactic and therapeutic role of xanthohumol against Alzheimer's disease and its neuroprotective mechanism based on multiomics and machine learning check Full Text
Liu, Wei Hoi, Pui Man 2023. Doctoral
The product development of traditional Chinese medicine classical prescription from the perspective of regulatory science : a case study of Shengxian decoction check Full Text
Liang, Zuan Ji 王一濤 2023. Doctoral
The perplexities of clothing : examining Ming China's official sartorial discourses check Full Text
Cai, Qian Qian Ehrlich, Joshua 2023. Master
The moderating role of interpersonal harmony on nonattachment and well-being among junior high school students check Full Text
Tang, Xi Miao 陳薇文 2023. Master
The mediating role of self-perceived mate value on the relationship between emerging adults’ collectivism and romantic relationship satisfaction
Luo, Mei Qi 陳薇文 2023. Master

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