UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

Title arrow_drop_down Author Supervisor Issue Date Degree
Suicidality and quality of life in clinically stable patients with severe mental illness during the COVID-19 pandemic
Bai, Wei Xiang Yu Tao 2023. Doctoral
Study on the anti-lung cancer effect of Ophiopogon japonicus based on metabolomics analysis
Liu, Qiao Chen, Xiao Jia 2023. Doctoral
Study of the effect of corrosion inhibitors on Q235 carbon steel in an acidic environment
Huang, Zhong Yu Zhang, Ping 2023. Master
Study of microalgae influenced corrosion mechanism on Q235 carbon steel in the presence of corrosion inhibitor
Zhang, Shen Zhang, Ping 2023. Master
Studies on fluorescent and photothermal properties of carbon nanodots with long-wavelength absorption bands
Liu, En Shan Tang, Zikang 2023. Doctoral
Studies of the tour guide peer-to-peer platform on Ctrip App check Full Text
Li, Xiao Tong Yuan, Jia 2023. Doctoral
Structural and functional analyses of the histone deacetylase Rpd3S complex in saccharomyces cerevisiae
Wang, Mei Lin Chao, Chong Hang 2023. Doctoral
Spectral analysis for fractional diffusion equations
Huang, Yuan Yuan Lei, Siu Long 2023. Doctoral
Somatic piRNA expression and dysregulation in Parkinson's disease
Zhang, Tian Jiao Wong, Garry 2023. Doctoral
Smart substation by STATCOM integrated with primary tapped transformer study
Bai, Zi Yi Wong, Man Chung 2023. Doctoral

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