UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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鳳凰之德 : "山海經" 新探 = The moral of the phoenix : "Shan Hai Jing" new probe check Full Text
關清清 鄧國光 2016. Master
分析澳門外勞政策 : 外勞配額的配置機制 check Full Text
陳嘉瑩 李桃 2016. Master
分析澳門電子政府各個發展階段的策略與問題 check Full Text
鄭鳳影 余永逸 2016. Master
房地產企業破產中購房者權益保護研究 = The protection of the estate consumers' rights in bankruptcy procedure of real estate companies check Full Text
蔡葛勝 范劍虹 2016. Master
方言島消亡機制研究 = A study on the mechanism of disappearance of dialect islands check Full Text
張宸瑞 徐大明 2016. Master
販賣毒品罪若干問題研究 = A study on various issues of drug trafficking
江雪梅 趙國強 2016. Master
對我國房屋租賃權對抗效力之反思 : 以公示為視角 = The introspection of countermine effectiveness about housing leasehold in mainland China : in the view of publicity check Full Text
劉韻 唐曉晴 2016. Master
對賭協議法律屬性的探討和啟示 = Legal attribute of valuation adjustment mechanism check Full Text
尹馨悅 稅兵 2016. Master
對澳門反家庭暴力法的分析 = Jurisprudence analysis on Macao anti-domestic violence legislation check Full Text
趙瀚陽 邱庭彪 2016. Master
董事對第三人責任 = Liability of directors to the third party check Full Text
李正源 Wang, Wei 2016. Master

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