UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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The rational design of G20 : a neoliberal institutionalist approach check Full Text
Fan, Yang Yang Song Weiqing 2016. Master
The quest for selfhood of women in Alice Munro's short stories "Boys and Girls", "The Beggar Maid" and "Runaway" check Full Text
Chen, Shao Xin, April Appler, Gilbert Keith 2016. Master
The power of language : a study of translations of metaphorical and idiomatic expressions in The Governance of China check Full Text
Ouyang, Xing Yi 張美芳 2016. Master
The plight of Europe's refugee crisis : an ever more prominent free rider behavior in collective action check Full Text
Wang, Bei Lei Wang Jianwei 2016. Master
The origin of piaose and its relationship with drama : a study of piaose in Wuchuan and Leizhou counties in Leizhou Peninsula
Li, Xiao Man 朱天舒 2016. Master
The narcotic drug trafficking in the Post-Soviet Central Asia : an analysis under the securitization framework check Full Text
Wu, Fei Yi Song Weiqing 2016. Master
The motivations of luxury consumption among mainland Chinese travelers in Macau check Full Text
U, Ka Kin So, Siu Ian 2016. Master
The investment behavior of group-affiliated firms in China : private versus state check Full Text
顧鴻飛 Tam, Hon Keung 2016. Master
The interaction between pirates and the government in Guangdong Province during the 1850s-1900s check Full Text
Liu, Bingqing Saldanha Antonio Vasconcelos de 2016. Master
The inhibitory effects and mechanisms of tanshinones on endothelial adhesion molecules expression check Full Text
Zhao, Wen Wen 陳修平 2016. Doctoral

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