UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

Title arrow_drop_down Author Supervisor Issue Date Degree
Turkey's reaction towards China's rising : conflicts and cooperation /
Liu, Kuo Chen, Ding Ding 2011. Master
Tunable defected ground structure and its applications to simultaneous reconfigurable communication and partial discharge detection /
Leong, Chon Chio Tam, Kam Weng 2011. Master
The type of earnings management and the effect of the new accounting standards for business enterprises in China / check Full Text
Chen, Can Liu, Ming 2011. Master
Trend following algorithms in automated stock market trading / check Full Text
Tai, Kam Fong Fong, Chi Chiu 2011. Master
The relationship between reserve requirement ratio and inflation in China /
Wang, Yong Jing Liu, Ming Hua 2011. Master
The relationship of perceived work dirtiness and occupational disidentification : the moderating role of competitiveness & demographic variable / check Full Text
Seak, Ham Wan 2011. Master
The real estate market in Shanghai : an exploratory study /
Li, Li Na So, Man Shing 2011. Master
Traduzir a luz da cruz : uma leitura da versao portuguesa do Dao De Jing feita pelo Padre Joaquim Guerra /
Tian, Jing 姚京明 2011. Master
Towards online shortest paths computation / check Full Text
Zhao, Hong Jun Gong, Zhi Guo 2011. Master
To forward integrate or not : an analysis of HN Group's corporate strategy in the automobile oil and lubricant industry /
Lam, Chi Lek 2011. Master

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