UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

Title arrow_drop_down Author Supervisor Issue Date Degree
use of different type of pipe materials as water service in Macau's market check Full Text
Sam, Son Kuong Antonio, Nelson Jose dos Santos 1995 Master
study into Chinese agriculture cooperative movement check Full Text
Li, Hong Sheng 1995 Master
Studies on managerial system of state-owned enterprises in China check Full Text
Qiu, Yong 1995 Master
Service quality in CEM customers' expectations and perceptions about electricity distribution services check Full Text
Nascimento, Antonio Francisco Rita 1995 Master
schools of thought in strategic management : a comparative analysis check Full Text
Rosa, Alvaro Augusto Da Antonio, Nelson Jose dos Santos 1995 Master
revolution of township and village enterprise in China : it's organizational structure and management style check Full Text
Chan, Chi Kwan 1995 Master
recent price behavior of the Hong Kong stock market, 1990-1993 check Full Text
So, Man Shing Trigueiros, Duarte Manuel Forjaz Pacheco 1995 Master
potential impact of the Macau International Airport on Macau's tourism activity in the context of regional development in South China check Full Text
Costa, Lucia de Fatima Araujo Rosa da 1995 Master
O hospital de S. Rafael e a assistencia social em Macau (ANEXOS) (missing) check Full Text
Coelho, Maria Jose Costa Ricardo 1995 um_theses.
Municipal solid waste management industry and the role of waste-to-energy facilities in the private sector check Full Text
Carvalho, Nuno Kol 1995 Master

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