UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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澳門智慧城市發展模式研究 = Development approach of smart city in Macao check Full Text
冼穎彤 余永逸 2019. Master
澳門中學生之師生關係對物理學習動機, 學業成就的影響 / 梁月兒 = The influence of teacher-student relationship on the learning motivation of physics and academic achievement in Macau check Full Text
梁月兒 魏冰 2019. Master
班固與劉勰 "離騷" 評論堪論初探 = A primary study of the criticism on Lisao by Bangu and Liuxie check Full Text
王雪婷 鄧國光 2019. Master
被遺忘權在中國法下的定位與構建 = The position and construction of the right to be forgotten in the Chinese law system check Full Text
劉根固 稅兵 2019. Master
比較高小學生在代數上的差異與心理機制 check Full Text
Chan, Wing Yan 施達明 2019. Master
邊疆地帶的中間人與清緬關係的 "再造" : "朝貢體系" 再議 = Local agency and the creating of the Qing-Burmese relationship : a reexamination of the tributary system check Full Text
Xiang, Tian Nan 茅海建 2019. Master
初級漢語課堂教師提問研究 = A study of teacher's questioning techniques in Chinese language class for beginners check Full Text
周雪晴 侍建國 2019. Master
初中語文教科書中的親職角色類型之內容分析 : 以啟思版及人教版的教科書為例 check Full Text
李璐瑜 宋明娟 2019. Master
傳統刑法理論適用電腦或網絡犯罪的若干問題與分析 = Some questions and analysis regarding traditional theory of criminal law applying to computer or cyber crime check Full Text
蔡昕暉 趙國強 2019. Master
從 PISA 視角探討澳門中學生閱讀表現及其相關因素 check Full Text
鄒益 薛寳嫦 2019. Master

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