UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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澳門 "放蛇" 制度可行性之考量 : 以刑事訴訟法為視角 = Feasibility research on the regime of "entrapment" in Macao : from the perspective of criminal procedure law check Full Text
婁煦 邱庭彪 2019. Master
澳門博彩業可持續發展研究 = Macau gaming industry sustainable development research check Full Text
陳俠 邱庭彪 2019. Master
澳門博彩業履行企業社會責任研究 = Research on corporate social responsibility of Macao gambling industry check Full Text
黎敏儀 Lu, Melody Chia-Wen 2019. Master
澳門初中國文教科書與基本學力要求對應指標關係研究 check Full Text
郭明俊 吳梅君 2019. Master
澳門大學內地生源研究生招生管理問題探討 check Full Text
尹嵐嵐 周憶粟 2019. Master
澳門大學生網絡遊戲成癮與睡眠質素之關係的研究 check Full Text
王知章 李思敏 2019. Master
澳門發展電子競技產業的可行性研究 = A feasibility study of Macau's E-sports industry check Full Text
劉善行 林廣志 2019. Master
澳門非法錄影及拍照犯罪及相關問題研究 : Study of crimes of illicit recording and photography in Macau and the issues problems check Full Text
黃瀚賢 鄭成昌 2019. Master
澳門會展業新定位的嘗試 : 從展覽向 "會議為先" 的定位轉變對行業發展的影響 = New positioning of Macao exhibition industry : the impact of the transition from exhibition to convention on the development of the industry check Full Text
李齡童 Lei, Chun Kwok 2019. Master
澳門基本法經濟規範研究 check Full Text
胥博慧 蔣朝陽 2019. Doctoral

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