UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

Title arrow_drop_up Author Supervisor Issue Date Degree
Poland's influence in the European Union, a perspective of the Eastern partnership
Tong, Wei Chen, Xin 2011. Master
Present status and future trends of end-of-life vehicles in Macau
Wang, Chao 王志石 2011. Master
Process writing and effectiveness of correction symbols in high school EFL writing
Chan, Ka Lon Kuong, Io Kei 2011. Master
Protestant influence on cognition and criminal behavior of young adults
Mak, Tin Chi Li, De 2011. Master
Qualitative analysis of polysaccharides from natural Cordyceps sinensis check Full Text
Guan, Jia 李紹平 2011. Doctoral
Quasi-Monte Carlo methods and their applications in high dimensional option pricing check Full Text
Ng, Man Yun Ding, Deng 2011. Master
REALSpace AKE : an appreciative knowledge environment architected through soft systems methodology and scenario-based design
Vat, Kam Hou 2011. Doctoral
Regional integration in East Asia : the feasibility study of East Asian community
Wang, Qiu Wen Wang Jianwei 2011. Master
Research on EU regional policy : its selective mechanisms, effects and role for EU integration, with reflections on its possible meaning for China
Wang, Jia Meyer, Thomas 2011. Master
Savoring the hybrid : an ethnographic study of Guan Yin ritual and belief in Macao check Full Text
Lei, Sao San Hodges, Benjamin Kidder 2011. Master

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