UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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個人信息保護法中同意規則的適用邊界研究 : 兼談中國之借鑒 check Full Text
陳科汝 范劍虹 2021. Doctoral
Studies on fluorescent and photothermal properties of carbon nanodots with long-wavelength absorption bands
Liu, En Shan Tang Zikang 2023. Doctoral
法律行為效力依據的動態體系論 : 以 "澳門民法典" 的相關規定為例 =
艾林芝, 唐曉晴 2015. Doctoral
Nonlinear disturbance observer based sliding mode control for robot manipulators and micropositioners towards safety monitoring check Full Text
Xi, Rui Dong Yang, Zhi Xin 2023. Doctoral
Observation of gaseous oxygenated organic molecules (OOMs) in Shanghai and implications for secondary organic aerosol formation in urban areas check Full Text
Tian, Lin Hui Li, Yong Jie 2022. Doctoral
Role of relative humidity changes in hygroscopicity and water diffusion of inorganic-organic mixed particles check Full Text
Chen, Xi Li, Yong Jie 2022. Doctoral
Three essays on ESG and market efficiency check Full Text
Jiang, Yu Lei Cheuk Hung 2022. Doctoral
Studies of the tour guide peer-to-peer platform on Ctrip App check Full Text
Li, Xiao Tong Yuan, Jia 2023. Doctoral
Collaborative consumption : a systematic literature review and future research trajectories in the marketing and related fields check Full Text
Wang, Shao Shan Liu, Ting Chi 2022. Doctoral
How does the heuristic anxiety caused marketing placebo effect influence purchase intention in food industry? : an empirical study check Full Text
Huang, Li Liu, Ting Chi 2022. Doctoral

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