UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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Some efficient numerical methods for Schrodinger-type equations and financial derivatives check Full Text
Meng, Qing Jiang Jin, Xiao Qing 2013. Doctoral
Chemical, metabolic and pharmacokinetic investigations of Peucedani Radix check Full Text
Song, Yue Lin, 王一濤 2013. Doctoral
Multi-attribute based data modeling for network applications in cyber-physical environments
Zhou, Jin Chen, C. L. 2013. Doctoral
Investigation on the unsymmetrical probabilistic solutions of some nonlinear stochastic oscillators with EPC method
Guo, Xiu Xiu Er, Guo Kang 2013. Doctoral
Study on the physicochemical properties and pharmacokinetic profiles of bis(7)-tacrine, a promising anti-Alzheimer's dimer check Full Text
余華, Han, Yi Fan 2008. Doctoral
Pharmaceutical patent valuation based on technology innovation and applications in the industry check Full Text
胡元佳 王一濤 2009. Doctoral
The anticancer effects of Yanhusuo San : mechanism of actions study
Gao, Jian Li 王一濤 2009. Doctoral
Chromatographic method combined with bioassay for rapid screening of enzyme inhibitors from herbal extracts
Li, De Qiang, 李紹平 2013. Doctoral
Multistandard-compliant and low-voltage analog-baseband techniques for wireless communication systems
Mak, Pui-In Martins, Rui Paulo 2006. Doctoral
Combined removal of BTEX/cis-DCE/TCE/MTBE mixture from contaminated water using microorganisms immobilized on scrap tyres check Full Text
Lu, Qi Hong Shim, Hojae 2016. Doctoral

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