UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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Design and implementation of a Unity 3D-based merchandise display platform check Full Text
Cai, Yi Chen Guo, Jing Zhi 2022. Master
Online comment text mining of fresh e-commerce platform check Full Text
Li, Heng 2022. Master
歐陽修酬唱詩創作研究 = The research of Ouyang Xiu's responding poems check Full Text
常毓晗 鄧駿捷 2023. Master
Análise de exercícios lexicais dos materiais didáticos de PLE
Chen, Bing Ying Nunes, Ana Margarida Belém 2022. Master
論七國之亂的成因 = The cause of rebellion of seven countries check Full Text
李宏俊 鄧駿捷 2022. Master
論澳門明清詩詞中的西洋女性形象 = The image of foreign women in Ming and Qing dynasties Macau poem check Full Text
陸美賢 鄧駿捷 2022. Master
明遺民張岱的小品寫作研究 : 以《陶庵夢憶》《西湖夢尋》為中心 = The study of essays of Zhang Dai, an adherent of Ming dynasty : focus on Recollections of Taoan's Past Dreams and Search The West Lake in Dreams check Full Text
謝子琦 鄧駿捷 2022. Master
論劉以鬯《酒徒》的性別書寫 = The gender writing of Liu Yichang’s The Drunkard check Full Text
陳煒業 譚美玲 2022. Master
Remedies in WTO dispute settlement mechanism : a study of scope, ambit, effectiveness of the mechanism and the proposals for future reform
Tao, Yang Ramaswamy Muruga Perumal 2005. Master
Challenges in electronic payment methods : legal issues with a specific reference to the development in China
Yu, Ya Yan Ramaswamy Muruga Perumal 2009. Master

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