UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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Solutions on human resources constraints under Macao's economic reform : case study of the voluntary redundancy and leave schemes by the gaming sector / check Full Text
Lo, King Hang 馮家超 2022. Doctoral
Performance analysis and optimal design for spatially correlated massive MIMO systems /
Zhang, Huan Ma, Shao Dan 2022. Doctoral
Fabrication and in-situ study of electrocatalysts for water splitting /
Chen, Ming Peng Pan Hui 2022. Doctoral
民營建築企業治理模式創新 : 以雲南PZ公司為例 / check Full Text
Zhu, Kun Liang Xiao, Zhezhong 2022. Doctoral
"É muito comum nas escolas chinesas" : trajetórias de participação e categorias de pertencimento em um curso de contação de histórias em português como língua adicional = "It is very common in Chinese schools" : trajectories of participation and membership categories in a storytelling course in Portuguese as an additional language /
Morelo, Bruna Moutinho Rodrigues da Silva, Ricardo 2022. Doctoral
Reversing bacterial antibiotic persistence and resistance by antibiotic adjuvant and metal-phenolic nano-antibiotic /
Lu, Chang Dai, Yun Lu 2022. Doctoral
First-principles design of novel catalysts for the reduction of molecules to fuels /
Li, Fei Fei Pan Hui 2021. Doctoral
Metal-phenolic networks-based nanomedicine aims at immune activation for combinational cancer treatment /
Zhang, Zhan Dai, Yun Lu 2022. Doctoral
S100A9-CXCL12 axis in BRCA1 deficiency orchestrates the immunosuppressive microenvironment to enable breast cancer resistant to immune checkpoint blockade /
Li, Jian Jie Xu, Xiaoling 2021. Doctoral
Design of electrode materials for high-performance K-ion batteries /
Ji, Shun Ping Hui, Kwun Nam 2022. Doctoral

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