UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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The impact of prior knowledge on entrepreneurial start-up decisions check Full Text
Fok, Ho Ian Hong, Jacky 2021. Master
Financial crisis prediction with liquidity creation in Japan market check Full Text
Zhang, Yu Si Lei Cheuk Hung 2021. Master
SauvolaNet : learning adaptive Sauvola network for document binarization check Full Text
Li, Deng Zhou, Yi Cong 2021. Master
State ownership and stock price reaction to CEO sudden death : evidence from Chinese firms check Full Text
Yan, Jun Yu 2021. Master
The influence of indulgence and dystopia residuals on per capita gambling revenue check Full Text
Liu, Guan Zhi Lam, Chee Shiong 2021. Master
Real-time adaptive stereo depth estimation for autonomous vehicles based on self-supervised learning method check Full Text
Gan, Wan Shui Wong, Pak Kin 2021. Master
澳門的公園在城市發展中的作用研究 check Full Text
林凱琪 刑榮發 2021. Master
Evaluating the alignment between National English Curricula Standards and achievement test for students at Grade 9 in China check Full Text
Ke, Hai Jiao Wallace, Matthew 2021. Master
The concept of "Innocence" in William Godwin's Caleb Williams check Full Text
Huang, Huan Rong Shaw, Damian 2021. Master
澳門本地快遞代收企業現狀及發展策略初探 = A preliminary study on the present situation and develpment strategy of the local collection and delivery enterprises in Macao check Full Text
何浩程 Lei, Chun Kwok 2021. Master

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