UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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Research in self-efficacy, decision balance and students' development in physical activity check Full Text
Zhao, Yi 何敬恩 2021. Master
Revisiting grit : how much does it overlap with resilience? check Full Text
Cheng, Hong Zhen Kam, Chun Seng 2021. Master
"弟子規" 融入品德教育之行動研究 : 以孝道與自律為核心 check Full Text
黃偉健 宋明娟 2021. Master
澳門初一學生的數學焦慮, 學習動機與數學成績的相關性的研究 check Full Text
陳穎枝 施達明 2021. Master
英語學科核心素養視角下的人教版高中英語教科書分析 check Full Text
劉妤熙 王燕 2021. Master
Jihadist terrorism in Europe and the EU's response (2016-2020)
Teng, Nan You Ji 2021. Master
Examining young EFL learners' vocabulary learning strstegies and the effectiveness of semantic mapping in vocabulary learning check Full Text
Wong, Pek Wa Zhao, Guan Fang 2021. Master
Opera with soulmates : the cooperation between Peking Opera actors and the literati (1920-1940) check Full Text
Yao, Xue Ge 王笛 2021. Master
Traduçāo comentada : um olhar sobre as legendas do documentário Paladares da China check Full Text
Li, Xiao Meng Enedino, Raimundo dos Santos 2021. Master
粵港澳大灣區人口管理法律制度研究 : 以港澳居民身份與內地居民身份的衝突為視角 = Study on the legal system of population management in the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao : from the perspective of the conflict between the resident status of Hong Kong and Macao and the residence status of mainland China check Full Text
鍾靈 江華 2021. Master

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