UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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Attitudes of Guangzhou public toward criminal retrial : predictors and process from the relationism theory check Full Text
Wang, Bing Ping Liu Jianhong 2021. Doctoral
S100A9-CXCL12 axis in BRCA1 deficiency orchestrates the immunosuppressive microenvironment to enable breast cancer resistant to immune checkpoint blockade check Full Text
Li, Jian Jie Xu, Xiaoling 2021. Doctoral
Structural and functional intergrated design of tough hydrogels check Full Text
Ding, Hong Yao Li, Zongjin 2021. Doctoral
Construction and application of hydrogels with multi-functions check Full Text
Liang, Xiao Xu Sun, Guo Xing 2021. Doctoral
我國內地跨境民商事審判中域外證據的獲取與採納 check Full Text
于澤 涂廣建 2021. Doctoral
A real-time neural spike sorting system and its application on neural decoding check Full Text
Wang, Pan Ke Vai, Mang I 2021. Doctoral
Brian rhythm sequencing technique using electroencephalography signal and its application in health care check Full Text
Li, Jia Wen Mak, Peng Un 2021. Doctoral
Insulin and eIF4A1 mediated translational regulation in human embryonic stem cell check Full Text
Zhou, Xiao Xiao Chen, Guo Kai 2021. Doctoral
Inhibitory effects and mechanism of portulaca oleracea L. and selected flavonoid ingredients on heterocyclic amines formation check Full Text
Jing, Jing Li, Peng 2021. Doctoral
Single-stage regulating rectifiers for wireless power transfer check Full Text
Lin, Jie Lu, Yan 2021. Doctoral

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