UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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The mental health status of clinically stable older patients with psychiatric disorders during the COVID-19 pandemic in China check Full Text
Li, Wen Xiang Yu Tao 2021. Doctoral
Modeling, design and control of asymmetric multilevel hybrid railway power conditioner in co-phase traction power supply system check Full Text
Liu, Li Dai, Ning Yi 2021. Doctoral
On the interception of affective-cognitive neural plasticity : quantitative electroencephalography-guided tDCS intervention in mental health amid the COVID-19 pandemic : electrophysiological evidence in resting state networks check Full Text
Pinho Couto, Tania Alexandra Yuan, Zhen 2021. Doctoral
Cullin-5 deficiency orchestrates the tumor microenvironment to promote mammary tumor development through CREB1 signaling check Full Text
Chen, Si Deng, Chu Xia 2021. Doctoral
Three problems in random matrices check Full Text
Hu, Jie Chen, Yang 2021. Doctoral
Approximation to ergodic measure of queueing systems check Full Text
Jin, Xing Hu Xu, Li Hu 2021. Doctoral
The investigation of reaction-based chiroptical probes with circularly polarized luminescence check Full Text
Gong, Jun Zhang, Xuan Jun 2021. Doctoral
Study of cooperation between Hainan and Macao for promoting internalization and modernization of Hainan's traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) industry in the context of Hainan free trade port
Liu, Tian Chi 路嘉宏 2021. Doctoral
Privacy protecting pixelation in live video streaming check Full Text
Zhou, Ji Zhe Pun, Chi Man 2021. Doctoral
A 2D to 3D image automatic conversion method based on multi-stage feature pyramid stereo network and depth-image-based-rendering check Full Text
Pan, Bai Yu 張立明 2021. Doctoral

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