UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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Approximation of functions in reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces and related applications check Full Text
Mai, Wei Xiong Qian, Tao 2016. Doctoral
Handheld CMOS-based NMR devices for biological/chemical diagnosis check Full Text
Lei, Ka Meng Mak, Pui-In 2016. Doctoral
內地與香港協議管轄制度比較研究及 "內港判決安排" 的完善
王紅燕 涂廣建 2016. Doctoral
愛與自由 : 兩種哲學視角下的 "兩個楊絳"
金鑫 龔剛 2016. Doctoral
A comprehensive study on the biosynthesis pathways and angiogenesis effects of ginsenosides in panax notoginseng check Full Text
Yang, Bin Rui Lee, Ming-Yuen 2016. Doctoral
Novel danshensu derivatives prevent doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity and enhance its chemotherapeutic efficacy in breast check Full Text
Wang, Liang 張慶文 2016. Doctoral
A research on pharmaceutical innovation in China from the perspective of technology transfer check Full Text
Ni, Jing Yun 胡元佳 2016. Doctoral
基於認知參照點模型的漢日話題句對比研究 check Full Text
黃懷谷, 陳訪澤 2016. Doctoral
Atomic representation for subspace clustering and pattern classification check Full Text
Wang, Yu Long Tang Yuan Yan 2016. Doctoral
論鄉土資源與莫言小說創作 check Full Text
張麗鳳 朱壽桐 2016. Doctoral

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