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乙醇增強葫蘆素B肝毒性的作用與機制研究 / Effect and mechanisms of Ethanol augments cucurbitacin B-induced hepatotoxicity /by Ding Qian. check Full Text
丁倩 陳修平 2014. Master
我國內地循環經濟法律制度建設問題探討 = Research of the building in mainland China's circular economy legal system
張駿傑 范劍虹 2014. Master
野黃芩素納米混懸液製備及其作為野黃芩苷活性前體的體內研究 / Formulation development of scutellarein nanosuspensions as an in-vivo active, rapidly absorbed precursor of its glycoside scutellarin / by Xiao Yang. check Full Text
楊瀟 Zheng, Ying 2014. Master
嶺南道地藥材巴戟天和木蝴蝶的主要活性成分分離工藝研究 / Research on the separation of main active components of Morindae officinalis Radix and Oroxyli Semen / by Zhu Kan. check Full Text
朱侃 張慶文 2014. Master
Ethanolic extract of Fructus Schisandrae chinensis and Schisantherin A protect against 6-OHDA induced SH-SY5Y cells apoptosis in vitro and dopaminergic neurons damage in zebrafish in vivo check Full Text
Zhang, Lun Qing Lee, Ming-Yuen 2014. Master
Text extraction from born-digital image and scene image check Full Text
Wang, Xue Wei Tang Yuan Yan 2014. Master
Why Chinese Renminbi has not become international currency?
Wang, Yu Na Hao, Yufan 2014. Master
Analysis of the practice of U.S. economic sanctions after Cold War
Mao, Ning 蕭楊輝 2014. Master
澳門政府輸入外地專業人才移民政策之研究 check Full Text
徐旭 蔡幸強 2014. Master
歐陽進傑 蔡幸強 2014. Master

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