UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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The development of European regional policy and its inspiration to China check Full Text
Li, Miao Wu, Xian 2014. Master
Multilateralism and security cooperation in East Asia
Duan, Yu Zhou Wang Jianwei 2014. Master
澳門博彩業的生產政治 : 從莊荷小費到禁輸外勞
容潔晶 蔡幸強 2014. Master
Mogrosides extract from Siraitia grosvenori (Luo Han Guo) enhances the endothelial function of rat mesenteric arteries and HUVEC in hyperglycemic environments check Full Text
Tam, Iok Lin Hoi, Pui Man 2014. Master
基於處方的合理用藥分析 : 來自寧夏基層醫療機構的實證研究 / empirical study from primary health centers in Ningxia Province, China / by Zheng Siqian. check Full Text
鄭思茜 卞鷹 2014. Master
Design and implementation of a mixed signal controller for performance enhancement in power quality compensator check Full Text
Yang, Yan Zheng Wong, Man Chung 2014. Master
Incremental methods for multi-dimensional outlier detection from data stream check Full Text
Luo, Zhi Cong Fong, Chi Chiu 2014. Master
Laser surface alloying of copper and nickel aluminum bronze for cavitation erosion and corrosion resistance check Full Text
Mou, Kai Kwok, Chi Tat 2014. Master
Enhanced shadowed C-means for image segmentation check Full Text
Zou, Jing Chen, Long 2014. Master
Hyperspectral image classification using spectral-spatial discriminant analysis and scattering transform check Full Text
Lu, Yang Tang Yuan Yan 2014. Master

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