UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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九品往生與冥間官府 : 漢唐佛教天堂地獄觀念的構建 check Full Text
姜霄 朱天舒 2020. Doctoral
Three-point combined compact difference methods for solving time fractional partial differential equations check Full Text
Zhang, Chun Hua Sun, Hai Wei 2020. Doctoral
The applications of quaternions to eigenvalue problems and color face recognition check Full Text
Liu, Wan Kai Kou, Kit Ian 2019. Doctoral
Detecting estimate bias in the standardized mean difference due to nonnormality in meta-analysis check Full Text
Sun, Rong Wei Cheung, Shu Fai 2020. Doctoral
Ketogenic diet and exercise intervention in obesity : cardiometabolic health and gut microbiota check Full Text
Sun, Sheng Yan 孔兆偉 2020. Doctoral
Exposing splicing forgery by supervised learning check Full Text
Liu, Bo Pun, Chi Man 2020. Doctoral
神聖與世俗之間 : 多元時代宗教組織的制度功能研究 check Full Text
李江峰 蔣朝陽 2019. Doctoral
Privacy-preserving and verifiable multimedia computing check Full Text
Duan, Jia Zhou, Jian Tao 2020. Doctoral
文學的女性主義 : 大中華語境中的女性主義文學思潮研究 check Full Text
劉群偉 朱壽桐 2015. Doctoral
Design of low-power mega to hundred mega HZ bandwidth CTDSM check Full Text
Wang, Wei Zhu, Yan 2019. Doctoral

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