UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

Title Author Supervisor Issue Date Degree arrow_drop_up
EU rule of law promotion abroad and its cooperation with China in the context of international rule of law
Zhang, Jiao 曾令良 2014. Doctoral
Development, modeling, and nanopositioning control of piezo-actuated compliant mechanisms with large strok
Tang, Hui, Li, Yang Min 2014. Doctoral
Strategic design of amorphization and pseudocapacitance for boosted lithium storage check Full Text
Li, Bo Shao, Huaiyu 2021. Doctoral
A comparative study of Yan Xishan and Bo Yibo : roles they played and their ethical dilemmas as revolutionary intellectuals check Full Text
Liu, Cheng Chen Lu, Melody Chia-Wen 2021. Doctoral
Analysis of destination food and film tourism check Full Text
Zhang, Jian Lun Lim, Mei Lai 2022. Doctoral
Design of electrode materials for high-performance K-ion batteries check Full Text
Ji, Shun Ping Hui, Kwun Nam 2022. Doctoral
Metal-phenolic networks-based nanomedicine aims at immune activation for combinational cancer treatment check Full Text
Zhang, Zhan Dai, Yun Lu 2022. Doctoral
Inspecting the congnitive mechanism of remote association task by using multimodal neuroimaging methods check Full Text
Xu, Shi Yang Yuan, Zhen 2022. Doctoral
Germline variation in human DNA damage repair genes is highly ethnic-specific check Full Text
Qin, Zi Xin Wang, Sanming 2022. Doctoral
Dissection of the functions of EED, TET2, and AMPK in skeletal muscle differentiation check Full Text
Wang, Xian Ju Li, Gang 2022. Doctoral

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