UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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Drug utilization of analgesics in China : major findings and health policy implications check Full Text
Shi, Hong Hao 胡豪 2021. Doctoral
Functional and structural characterization of four novel protein glutaminases check Full Text
Lu, Xin Poon Chuen Wai 2020. Doctoral
Molecular landscape and subtype-specific therapeutic response of nasopharyngeal carcinoma revealed by integrative pharmacogenomics for precision oncology check Full Text
Ding, Ren Bo Deng, Chu Xia 2020. Doctoral
Enhanced protein damage clearance induces broad drug resistance in multi-type of cancers revealed by an evolution drug resistant model and genome-wide siRNA screening check Full Text
Shao, Fang Yuan Deng, Chu Xia 2020. Doctoral
A model of multiple identifications of professionals in the workplace
Liu, Yan Lam, Long Wai 2011. Doctoral
A concordancia plural variavel no sintagma nominal do Portugues reestruturado da comunidade de Almoxarife, Sao Tome (desenvolvimento das regras de concordancia variaveis no processo de transmissao-aquisicao geracional)
Figueiredo, Carlos Filipe Guimaraes Baxter, Alan Norman 2010. Doctoral
Experimental investigation of simultaneous heat transfer and pressure drop measurements for plain and micro-fin tubes check Full Text
Tam, Hou Kuan Tam, Lap Mou 2013. Doctoral
Adaptive signal decomposition of Hardy space check Full Text
Li, Shuang Qian, Tao 2013. Doctoral
Enabling component-based model transformations with QVT
Li, Dan Li, Xiao Shan 2013. Doctoral
Preconditioning techniques for a family of Toeplitz-like systems with financial applications
Zhang, Ying Ying, Jin, Xiao Qing 2010. Doctoral

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