UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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Design and testing of an unscented Kalman filter observer-based LQR fault-tolerant control for active air suspension /
Chen, Jun Peng Wong, Pak Kin 2022. Master
Discriminative multi-feature representation of histopathology images for renal cancer detection /
Cai, Jian Xiu Zhang, Yi Bo 2022. Master
Examining young EFL learners' vocabulary learning strstegies and the effectiveness of semantic mapping in vocabulary learning /
Wong, Pek Wa Zhao, Guan Fang 2021. Master
Understanding Chinese EFL teacher motivation in distance education : a case study /
Deng, Pu Yu, Shu Lin 2021. Master
Stress corrosion cracking of a nonstandard borderline medium-manganese stainless steel /
Chu, Keng Hou Lo, Kin Ho 2022. Master
Impact of financial crime related news on bank's stock price performance : an event study on banks listed in US stock market /
Kuok, San Hong 2021. Master
Prelude to the Opium war, the activities and relations of the British and Americans in Macau 1795-1840 /
Lu, Bing Hua Ehrlich, Joshua 2022. Master
Oral corrective feedback on lexical errors : a systematic review /
Tan, Xiao Chen Reynolds, Barry Lee 2021. Master
智慧創客教育在幼兒美感教育運用之探究 /
高靖珊 劉乃華 2021. Master
An energy-efficient high accuracy BJT-based time-domain CMOS temperature sensor design /
Lei, Yu Law, Man Kay 2022. Master

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