UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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Predicting protein docking poses on a solid surface by particle swarm optimization : a case study of lysozyme on PTFE check Full Text
Ngai, Choi Fong Siu, Weng In 2015. Master
Intertextuality in film title translation : a comparative study of translated film titles in Hong Kong and Taiwan (2005-2013) check Full Text
Hong, Ieng U Wang, Xian 2015. Master
電腦犯罪若干問題研究 = Research into the some question of computer crime check Full Text
劉漢傑 趙國強 2016. Master
澳門私校校本教師專業培訓之研究 check Full Text
洪豪蓉 黃炳文 2015. Master
行政補償的概念重構及類型研究 = Analysis on the re-construed concept of administrative compensation and its taxonomy check Full Text
宗冬 翟小波 2016. Master
Empirical likelihood and general relative error criterion with divergent dimension check Full Text
Liu, Yi Ming Liu, Zhi 2015. Master
Constructing social networks based on image analysis check Full Text
Lai, Ka Chon Biuk-Aghai, Robert P. 2012. Master
澳門高三學生選擇高等院校的考量因素之研究 check Full Text
李天榮 梁成安 2012. Master
Jane Austen's attitudes towards the 'masculine' and 'feminine' Gothic in Northanger Abbey (1818)
Huang, Cherry 2012. Master
Bitter for your mouth, good for your health? : the relationship between somatization, alexithymia and a culture-specific behavior of drinking herbal tea, and the treatment effect of expressive writing check Full Text
Chio, Pit Hoi Zaroff, Charles 2012. Master

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