UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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澳門民事證據能力的"三性說"構建 = Constructing a "Doctrine of Three Attributes" for Macao's civil evidence capacity check Full Text
林華傑 梁靜姮 2022. Master
澳門學校教師評鑑制度與教師工作滿意度之研究 check Full Text
林冰冰 吳梅君 2022. Master
Effects of different hydrolysis methods on lipid production from food waste by Rhodosporidium toruloides check Full Text
Xu, Zhe Lin Shim, Hojae 2022. Master
在低碳膳食下短期高強度間歇訓練對超重者減重和生活質量及情緒的影響 check Full Text
陳蕾晴 孔兆偉 2022. Master
澳門特別行政區道路交通中行政違法制度的研究 = Research on administrative infractions system in road traffic in Macau Special Administrative Region check Full Text
鄭嘉瑤 邱庭彪 2022. Master
An analog multiplier controlled buck-boost converter
Wen, Si Bo Lam, Chi Seng 2022. Master
High-accuracy CSI feedback for massive MIMO systems
Chen, Xiao Hong Ma, Shao Dan 2022. Master
Identification of exosome-derived microRNAs from polarized macrophages for diabetic wound healing check Full Text
Lou, Ruo Han Lin, Li Gen 2022. Master
Comparison among several models with different feature extracting methods and their effect on stock price prediction check Full Text
Li, Pei Wei Ding, Deng 2022. Master
Quality evaluation of cultured Cordyceps mycelia powder and commercial products based on high performance thin layer chromatography check Full Text
Chen, Zhi Xin 李紹平 2022. Master

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