UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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Understanding Chinese hip-hop feminism through girls like us
Zhang, Kai Lan Liu Shih Diing 2022. Master
Optimal resource management for non-orthogonal multiple access assisted federated learning in wireless networks
Song, Yu Xiao Wu, Yuan 2022. Master
語境先行的漢語方言詞釋義探究 : 以港澳粵語含動物語素雙字詞分析為例 = A study on the interpretation of Chinese dialect words based on context : a case of animal morphemes of two-character words in Hong Kong and Macau Cantonese
戴甜 邵朝陽 2022. Master
The influence of restaurant servicescape on Chinese millenials' electronic word-of-mouth : the case of fine dining check Full Text
Leong, Wan Han 2022. Master
構建共載金絲桃素和地塞米松的活性氧響應性膠束用於抗腫瘤 check Full Text
梁瑞峰 陳美婉 2022. Master
Implementation of a high quality CMUT based on the sacrificial release fabrication process check Full Text
Che, U Kin Pun, Sio Hang 2022. Master
Design and implementation of heavy-load-efficient integrated multi-path switched-capacitor-inductor hybrid DC-DC converter check Full Text
Ma, Qiao Bo Jiang, Yang 2022. Master
Financial development, human capital and economic growth : an empirical study of Asian small open economies check Full Text
Zhang, Feng Jia Lei, Chun Kwok 2022. Master
Investigation of stability of piceatannol in Dulbecco's modified eagle's medium by in situ UPLC-MS/MS analysis check Full Text
Cheong, Meng Sam Cheang, Wai San 2022. Master
Investigation into multitasking for biomedical systems with implementation of multithreading scheme on ECG software and proposals of multiprocessing framework and FSM-based embedded system architecture check Full Text
Tian, Xiao He Vai, Mang I 2022. Master

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