UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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Aplicação da teoria semântica de scripts na tradução de jogos de palavras em excertos televisivos, obras cinematográficas e textos literários check Full Text
Ho, Martin Enedino, Raimundo dos Santos 2022. Master
How gender is constructed by interruptions in conflict talk in English : a corpus-based discourse-analytic study check Full Text
Zhang, Shuai Chan Hok Shing Brian 2022. Master
A secure e-voting system based on blockchain and smart contract check Full Text
Chen, Si Yu 2022. Master
TRPV1 antagonism by naturally occurring Emodin analogues suppress lipopolysaccharide mediated neuroinflammation in vitro and in vivo check Full Text
Li, Shu li Lee, Ming-Yuen 2022. Master
An investigation of spatial justice from the perspective of a child's right to play : an illustrative case of Macao nurseries check Full Text
Wen, Yu Ting 黃素君 2022. Master
論唐前韓信形象的接受特點 = Study of features of Han Xin's image acceptance in pre-Tang dynasties check Full Text
韓璦蔚 張月 2022. Master
防疫政策對澳門雙城移工的影響 = Coping with Covid-19: cross-border migrant workers in Macau
方俊麗 呂家玟 2022. Master
The impact of ownership concentration on the number of patents : evidence from Chinese listed firm : evidence from 1999 to 2010 check Full Text
Leong, Kin Hei 2022. Master
Effects of steaming and boiling treatment on carbohydrates in plants : a case of corn check Full Text
Zhang, Wen Xia 趙靜 2022. Master
"有" 字和 "在" 字存在句語序調適的多變量競爭研究 = Word order accommodation of existential You-sentence and Zai-sentence under multivariable competition check Full Text
施琨 陳忠 2022. Master

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