UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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個體和工作環境對不同級別跆拳道教練員職業倦怠影響研究 check Full Text
林華芹 何敬恩 2022. Master
澳門固體廢物徵費政策分析= An analysis on Macau's solid waste levy policy check Full Text
陳家雯 Lei, Chun Kwok 2022. Master
Exploring the adoption of eHealth in pharmaceutical care during COVID-19 pandemic : recommendations for Macau check Full Text
Cen, Zhi Feng Ung, Oi Lam 2022. Master
Global research and development analysis of dry powder inhalers : a patent and clinical trial perspective check Full Text
Wang, Jia Wei 胡元佳 2022. Master
中國降糖藥物進入醫療保障體系的市場准入 : 價格談判和集中采購 check Full Text
羅澤君 胡豪 2022. Master
The evaluation of potential neuroprotective effects of crocin and crocetin from Crocus sativus check Full Text
Liang, Zi Rong Hoi, Pui Man 2022. Master
順應論視角下《老子》"道" 概念之解讀 = Interpretation of Laozi "Dao" concept from the perspective of adaptation theory check Full Text
何佳 邵朝陽 2022. Master
福州方言助動詞 "有" 的句法語義特徵 = Syntactic and semantic features of the auxiliary "You" in Fuzhou dialect check Full Text
林諾疑 徐杰 2022. Master
"經典" 與 "未讀" : 弗朗格. 莫萊蒂 "距離閱讀" 理論再考察 = "Canon" and "Unread" : a review of Frange Moretti's "distance reading" theory check Full Text
高宸 龔剛 2022. Master
Language attitudes and linguistic adaptation of mainland Chinese students in a higher education institution in Macao check Full Text
Kuong, Ieng Ieng Chan Hok Shing Brian 2022. Master

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