UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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MOFs based nano-catalysts in high-efficient contaminated water purification and cleaner energy utilization check Full Text
Zhao, Shi Yin Zhang, Xuan Jun 2021. Doctoral
Thyroid hormone and cell adhesion modulate stem cell maintenance and cell fate determination in human embryonic stem cells check Full Text
Deng, Chun Hao Chen, Guo Kai 2021. Doctoral
Government, capital and technology in China's digital era : the case study of The Paper check Full Text
Zhang, Xin Ran Li, Xiao Qin 2021. Doctoral
Three essays on corporate finance and derivatives check Full Text
Song, Chen Lei Cheuk Hung 2021. Doctoral
Determination of oxyphylla A enantiomers in Alpinia oxyphylla dried fruits and their neuroprotective effects in the experimental models of Parkinson's disease check Full Text
Chen, Yan Lee, Ming-Yuen 2021. Doctoral
Functional and therapeutic implications of TNFR2 expression by cancer check Full Text
Li, Ping Chen, Xin 2021. Doctoral
High-speed SSVEP-based BCIs : learning from reduced-calibration to zero-calibration check Full Text
Wong, Chi Man Wan, Feng 2021. Doctoral
Design, kinematics, dynamics, trajectory planning of two prototypical lower-mobility parallel manipulators check Full Text
Lu, Song Kwok, Chi Tat 2021. Doctoral
Functional genomics study of transcriptional regulation of carbon metabolism in Aspergillus nidulans check Full Text
Dong, Li Guo Wong, Koon Ho 2021. Doctoral
Multifunctional semiconducting polymer dots for near-infrared multimodal imaging and cancer therapy check Full Text
Men, Xiao Ju Yuan, Zhen 2021. Doctoral

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