UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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The impact of patent intensity on the efficiency of industrial technology innovation : an emperical study based on the Fujian Province in China check Full Text
Xing, Yan 2021. Master
The "Panic Attack" faced by the organizations during the 2020 global pandemic and their response : the case of some selected education institutes check Full Text
Chen, Wei Bin Kong, Siew Huat 2021. Master
A literature review on the relationship between drug relapse and social network of drug users check Full Text
Qi, Yun Fen Zhao, Rao Hui 2021. Master
Enhancing protection of indigenous peoples' human rights in the context of host state's obligations and international investment arbitration check Full Text
Jia, Si Ying Ramaswamy Muruga Perumal 2021. Master
論企業數據權利的私法保護模式 = Research on the private law protection mode of enterprise data rights check Full Text
張飄玉 何慶文 2021. Master
Coverage hole and cluster detection in WSN with force-directed algorithm and transfer learning check Full Text
Lai, Yue Hui Si, Yain Whar 2021. Master
Credit limit prediction with DeepFM and ANFIS check Full Text
Yang, Shang Zhi Si, Yain Whar 2021. Master
Diálogo entre pintura e poesia na obra de Fernanda Dias : uma leitura De Horas de Papel check Full Text
Li, Pei Wen 姚京明 2021. Master
澳門輕軌建設的政策應對研究 = A study on the policy solution of the Macau light rail construction check Full Text
張藝賓 刑榮發 2021. Master
How is "The Chinese Dream" represented in the film My People, My Country check Full Text
Zou, Lu Shi, Wei 2021. Master

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