UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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In silico formulation prediction of drug/cyclodextrin/polymer ternary complexes by machine learning and molecular modeling techniques check Full Text
Li, Jun Jun Ouyang, De Fang 2021. Master
The living space of women in the song literati writings : a new perspective in the study of song women's lives check Full Text
Zhang, Zi Han Ma, Tsang Wing 2021. Master
Adversarial vector quantized variational autoencoder check Full Text
Zhang, Jia Min 2021. Master
基於 "退出, 呼籲與忠誠" 理論研究教師職業發展中的流動現象 check Full Text
孫凱 周憶粟 2021. Master
Implementation of advanced high-speed low power SAR ADC check Full Text
Cui, Song Sin, Sai-Weng 2021. Master
探索澳門受資助托兒所之教保人員對托育質量重要性認同及現況自評 check Full Text
林燕雲 胡碧穎 2021. Master
Crossover as a development model for the heritage district of Beishan village in Zhuhai check Full Text
Zhang, Nai Jia Li, Ying 2021. Master
Modeling the compound floods upon combined rainfall and storm surge events in a low-lying coastal city check Full Text
Huang, Hui Gao, Liang 2021. Master
Translation project : English to Chinese translation project of Canoe Polo : Advanced Skills and Tactics check Full Text
Cheong, Sin Yi Wang, Xian 2021. Master
Quality research in Chinese herbal spirits by integrating targeted and untargeted metabolomics check Full Text
Hu, Yan 萬建波 2021. Master

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