UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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A natural compound-derived PDE4 inhibitor facilitates proteasomal degradation of alpha-synuclein in Parkinson's disease models check Full Text
Chen, Jia Yue 路嘉宏 2020. Master
藿香正氣合劑類香薰療法的策劃研究 check Full Text
龍婉睿 趙靜 2020. Master
Calibration technique for high linearity SAR ADCs check Full Text
Pan, Xiang Hui Zhu, Yan 2020. Master
Development and validation of the reading motivation questionnaire in the EFL context with Chinese secondary students check Full Text
Wang, Wen Jiao Gan, Zheng Dong 2020. Master
The ideal male image in mainland China check Full Text
Chen, Si Yi Hodges, Benjamin Kidder 2020. Master
16-20 世紀澳門土生族群的身份認同與教育 = Ethnic identity and education of the Macanese from 16-20 century check Full Text
梁舜欣 郭曉明 2020. Master
The acquisition of English interrogatives by Macau high school students check Full Text
Choi, Lok Lam Kuong, Io Kei 2020. Master
Macau as a trading dervice platform check Full Text
Cheong, Sin Lam Neuwirth Rostam J. 2020. Master
Quality evaluation of reporting randomized controlled trials on nutraceuticals containing traditional Chinese medicine for diabetes management check Full Text
Shi, Jun Nan 王一濤 2020. Master
全膝關節置換術圍手術期鎮痛藥物使用分析 : 基於真實世界證據的回顧性分析 check Full Text
陳獻文 胡豪 2020. Master

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