UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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Empirical likelihood test for the product of means check Full Text
Deng, Min Liu, Zhi 2018. Master
An approach to protecting online personal information in Macau government check Full Text
Sou, Sok Fong Guo, Jing Zhi 2018. Master
Design and implementation of compact micro-/nano-positioning stage driven by piezoelectric actuator check Full Text
Wu, Ze Yi Xu, Qing Song 2018. Master
A comparative study of 8-phase feedforward coupling ring VCOs check Full Text
Sun, Iat Fai Yin, Jun 2018. Master
Two-dimensional exact analysis of functionally graded piezoelectric cantilevers under electric and mechanical loadings check Full Text
Gao, Xiong Iu, Vai Pan 2018. Master
Conflict of interest detection in peer review processes check Full Text
Wu, Si Yuan U, Leong Hou 2018. Master
論智能手機預置應用程式與澳門消費者權益保護 = Research on pre-installed application in smartphone and protection of consumer rights of Macau check Full Text
楊晉 杜立 2018. Master
Some sharp bounds for the commutator of real Matrices check Full Text
Liang, Ya Ru Cheng, Che Man 2018. Master
Design of a knowledge-based inspection of general electrical systems check Full Text
Long, Chan Fai Wong, Seng Fat 2018. Master
A quality assessment approach and a hole-filling method for DIBR virtual view images check Full Text
Mao, Dun 張立明 2018. Master

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