UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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Reconstitution effects on Russell index check Full Text
Zeng, Hai Shan Cheung, Ming Yan 2017. Master
Relevance of holding period requirements for dividend taxation : evidence from a natural experiment in China check Full Text
Yang, Shan Xiang Lam, Siu Kwan 2017. Master
Attention and retail investors behavior in China check Full Text
Leong, Hok Chon Ren, Jin Juan 2017. Master
Gambling desire and individual trades in the Chinese market check Full Text
Liu, Yuan Cheng Ren, Jin Juan 2017. Master
Efficiency assessment for four types of commercial banks : evidence from China check Full Text
Li, Bi Yuan Gu, Xin Hua 2017. Master
The effect of overlapped director on investment efficiency : evidence from US check Full Text
Lin, Sang Ling Jun, Charlie Chulhee 2017. Master
Kinematics analysis and gait planning for a humanoid robot check Full Text
Li, Xiao Wong, Seng Fat 2017. Master
論情勢變更的適用要件 = Application of the requirements of the principle of the change cricumstances check Full Text
黃會 稅兵 2017. Master
中外雙邊投資協定對港澳特區和港澳投資者的適用問題研究 = The applicability of Chinese-foreign bilateral investment treaties to Hong Kong and Macao and their investors check Full Text
孫秀梅 艾林芝 2017. Master
"對賭協議" 的效力探析 : 從 "海富案" 展開 = The exploration of validity of the valuation adjustment mechanism : unfolding from the "case of HaiFu" check Full Text
張贇傑 唐曉晴 2017. Master

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