UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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Da oponibilidade do registo a terceiros adquirentes : coordenacao entre os direitos reais e o registo predial check Full Text
Lao, Chi Ieng Correia, Paula Nunes 2016. Master
The relationship between the monetary market and the stock market in China : evidence from Shibor and CSI300 stock Index
Zhu, Yan Zheng, Ming Li 2016. Master
The narcotic drug trafficking in the Post-Soviet Central Asia : an analysis under the securitization framework check Full Text
Wu, Fei Yi Song Weiqing 2016. Master
The rational design of G20 : a neoliberal institutionalist approach check Full Text
Fan, Yang Yang Song Weiqing 2016. Master
The factors affecting Chinese real estate market : an analysis on city level data check Full Text
Zhang, Chi Sun, Guang-Zhen 2016. Master
Role models and gendered messages in Disney princess movies check Full Text
Lin, Jing Wilhelm, Kim Hughes 2016. Master
The effects of news frames : police press releases in the Umbrella Movement
Hoi, Ut Cheng Corbett John 2016. Master
A descriptive study of translation methods and skopos in NBA news headlines translation from English to Chinese check Full Text
Jiao, Jian Wang, Xian 2016. Master
Research on the protection of network copyright due to foreign infringement from the view of international private law
Shi, Jin 涂廣建 2016. Master
論澳門 "商法典" 述之不正當競爭條款 = A study on the articles of unfair competition in the "Macau Commercial Code" check Full Text
莫綺玲 范劍虹 2016. Master

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