UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

Title Author Supervisor Issue Date Degree arrow_drop_up
Depth-Image-Based Rendering Algorithm Design and Development for 2D-to-3D Video Conversion check Full Text
Zhang, Yu 張立明 2014. Master
Depth image generation algorithm design and development for 2D to 3D video conversion check Full Text
Lan, Ting 張立明 2014. Master
Fast detection of impact location on composite plates using kernel extreme learning machines check Full Text
Fu, He Ming Vong, Chi Man 2014. Master
Augmented statistical Chinese parsing via graph propagation check Full Text
Huang, Qiu Qing Chao, Sam 2014. Master
An improved face reconstruction method based on binocular stereo vision check Full Text
Duan, Jia Tang Yuan Yan 2014. Master
Real-time artistic simulation and rendering for animated character and complex 3D environment check Full Text
Xu, Tian Chen Wu, Enhua 2014. Master
On-road directional trajectory prediction by junction-based spatio-temporal pattern mining from GPS data check Full Text
Jia, Cong Mao Fong, Chi Chiu 2014. Master
Wikipedia category visualization using radial layout check Full Text
Cheang, Hon Hou Biuk-Aghai, Robert P. 2014. Master
The research of statistical parsing models for multiple languages adaptation check Full Text
He, Liang Ye Wong, Fai 2014. Master
Dictionary method for Chinese and Japanese character recognition check Full Text
Guo, Chu Yu Tang Yuan Yan 2014. Master

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