UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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An empirical study of how policies affect the real estate prices in China check Full Text
Wang, Dan Li, Guo Qiang 2014. Master
Renewable energy policy in Germany : a study of policy implementation / Gao Zhechao.
Gao, Zhe Chao Wang Jianwei 2014. Master
Effects of consumer protections on cost of capital in Europe check Full Text
Wang, Yuan Zhang, Xu 2014. Master
The divergence of voting rights and cash flow rights and tax avoidance : evidence from China check Full Text
Guan, Li Zhang, Xu 2014. Master
Investor education, earnings persistence, and stock price informativeness about future earnings check Full Text
Han, Yao Zhang, Xu 2014. Master
European nuclear energy : development, obstacles, and solutions check Full Text
Zheng, Zhi Yuan Chen, Ding Ding 2014. Master
The evolution on recognition and enforcement of annulled foreign arbitral awards and future perspective in China check Full Text
Luo, Xiao Wei 涂廣建 2014. Master
王傳賓 蕭楊輝 2014. Master
Media perspective under different social context : a comparison between political participation in Chongqing and Guangzhou check Full Text
Wang, Qing Lin Li, Xiao Qin 2014. Master
粤澳地區小學三年級學生音樂聽想能力之相關研究 check Full Text
郭曉林 王秉正 2014. Master

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