UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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International legal regime governing transnational banks and regulation of foreign-funded banks in Mainland China check Full Text
Cui, Yan Zheng Ramaswamy Muruga Perumal 2014. Master
A critical analysis of the EU's cancellation of antitrust exemption of liner conference under current European shipping competition rules check Full Text
Wang, Kun Jie Castro, Paulo Canelas de 2014. Master
中國公司資本制度改革 : 以我國最低資本限額的取消為視角 = Reform of corporate capital system in China : to the cancellation of minimum apital [capital] perspective check Full Text
劉欣琦 范劍虹 2014. Master
Moodle based virtual exhibition information management system design and development check Full Text
Io, Hio Nam 張立明 2014. Master
Strategy of applying knowledge management to safety of construction and maintenance engineering industry check Full Text
Ng, Sio Leong Wong, Seng Fat 2014. Master
Design and control strategy for heat load system with high response and large heat flux check Full Text
Li, Dong, Li, Yang Min 2014. Master
臺靜農小說中的人文精神 = The humanism from the novels of Tai Ching-Nung check Full Text
李亨鴻 譚美玲 2014. Master
張掖回民街穆斯林言語社區研究 = A study on the Muslim speech community of Zhangye
楊帆 徐大明 2014. Master
《解放日報》副刊與延安文藝整風 = The supplement of Liberation Daily and rectification in Yan-an
霍然 朱壽桐 2014. Master
魯迅與倫理的現代性 = Lu Xun and the modernity of ethics
劉勇 龔剛 2014. Master

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