UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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A consciousness-raising approach to error correction : a case study of the acquisition of the placement of prepositional phrases by Macao secondary school students
Kou, Meng Chu Kuong, Io Kei 2010. Master
Cross-listed shares in Hong Kong and Mainland China stock markets : time series evidence
Hong, Fang Zheng, Ming Li 2010. Master
論王家衛電影的懷舊現象 = Nostalgia phenomenon in the films of Wong Kar-wai
林彥 區仲桃 2010. Master
High order compact scheme and its applications in computational finance
Lee, Tsz Ho Sun, Hai Wei 2010. Master
Immaterial labor in Chinese social networking site : a preliminary case study of the Renren network
Xia, Bing Qing Liu Shih Diing 2010. Master
中國製藥產業戰略集團的動態研究 check Full Text
黃振華 胡豪 2010. Master
Quality evaluation of Dendrobium species based on the analysis of multiple components check Full Text
Xu, Jun 李紹平 2010. Master
International regulation of government procurement and the evolution in China
Cheng, Jian Xiao Ramaswamy Muruga Perumal 2010. Master
X-efficiency and performance of banks listed in the Mainland China and Hong Kong
Wu, Jia Lan Fu, Xiao Qing 2010. Master
中國上市製藥公司首募資金投向實證研究 check Full Text
宿瑩瑩 胡豪 2010. Master

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