UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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Foreignization and domestication in the light of the skopos theory : a case study on the C-E translation of Memories of Peking : South Side Stories (城南舊事)
Leong, Mei Yee Cai, Y. 2006. Master
上古漢語多音形貌詞研究 : 以"詩經"和"楚詞"為例 = The research on the multi-syllable XingMaoCi in Ancient Chinese : the case studies on "Poetry" and "Chu elegies"
李莉亞 張聯榮 2006. Master
Laboratory study on the mechanical behavior of tire chip-sand mixtures
Yu, Hong Jie Lok, Man Hoi 2006. Master
道德的萌芽 : 幼稚園學生道德判斷力初探
廖惠芳 伍美蓮 2006. Master
梁健雄 張春莉 2006. Master
The effects of business ethics course on students' ethical attitudes
Li, Yan Donleavy, Gabriel Douglas 2006. Master
王祖顯 梁成安 2006. Master
Martingale representation theorems and their applications
Choi, Man Kin Ding, Deng 2006. Master
A study of four Chinese versions of D.H. Lawrence's Sons and Lovers
Lai, Chi Wai Almberg, Evangeline S-P. 2006. Master
何沛佳 張立明 2006. Master

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